Anonymous asked, "ayyy were are you??"

Alrighty guys I know I’ve been gone a while…

I’m working on a little something to make up for that, so you should be seeing posts tomorrow if not tonight.


au where sarah and helena are living together and one night sarah makes soup for dinner (not from a can, she actually COOKS! alison is so proud). so she puts the bowl down in front of helena and helena (of course) doesn’t wait for it to cool and totally SCORCHES her mouth so that for the next few weeks everything tastes weird. after that sarah makes sure everything is properly cooled before passing it off to helena

OB Season 2.5 RECAP, EP3: Oh, An Equation… 


Some very interesting stuff went down on last week’s episode! Alison learned that Beth isn’t dead! Beth learned that Alison doesn’t appreciate people dying! Sarah learned that patriarchal concepts can be manipulated to your advantage while in the possession of clones! Paul learned you shouldn’t try and poison people because you’ll only poison yourself! It was a very educational episode…

This week is also looking pretty brainy, but what can we expect? It’s OB!


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Anonymous asked, "omg i'm doing a hsm marathon right now (ironically except not really) and i just finished the second movie and an ob blog brought hsm2 to my dash this is so weird but kind of awesome????? (also your blog is absolutely hilarious, keep up the good work!!)"

Thanks! HSM is everything tbh

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Anonymous asked, "i'm so confused! how can high school musical be relevant?"

It might have something to do with season 2.5…

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Anonymous asked, "The Emmys are for mere mortals who aspire to Tatiana's acting prowess ;) Mothman's Dog. ps- Pirate Rachel vs Cyborg Rachel, who would win in a fight - or are they too busy dancing at Neolution?"

Assuming the only cybernetic enhancements Cyborg!Rachel has is her eye…I’m going to go with Pirate!Rachel. Though idk, Cyborg!Rachel probably has much better depth perception…

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relevant (i’ll let you guess how)

relevant (i’ll let you guess how)

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sestraisthenewblack asked, "Hey! I just joined the orphan black fandom and made a tumblr hahaha do you have any fave blogs I could check out? Thanks xx"


Hmmmmmm. First and foremost:


May you be having all of the tumblr hugs and fandom love out there.

As for lovely tumblr folks, some essential cloneclubbers off the top of my head for specific things include:

Happyjacq: queen of analysis, lover of story and warm host of the infamous fireside chats. Also an all around swell person in so many ways and I feel lucky to have been able to learn from her and watch her work her magic. The world needs more of Jacq’s wit, sass, warmth and greatness.

Thewetcloud: more analysis, more sass, more art, more Haf. I’m still getting over her “life lessons from minor OB characters in 2x01” post. It was pure gold. Pure, effin, gold.

Exhumana: even more analysis (can you tell I like analysis?) and also my coconspirator on the grand scheme of villain!beth. Ask her about Orphan Blade Runner and prepare for some mindblowing.

Valentinemichaelsmith: the illustrator of all of our wildest dreams. Her art is orgasmic and will make you feel all sorts of feels you never thought possible.

I-effed-it-all-up and krazyhippo66: if you’re new to the cloneclub, part of your orientation includes reading all 50 chapters of these lovely ladies’ fic Smells Like Teen Spirit and then continuing onward to the lovely sequel Coming of Age. Seriously, these fics are like our bible. Start reading now and prepare your tissues. They’re both just all around swell bloggers on top of that.

Novelconcepts: also writes insane fics. Like, insane insane wonderful fics that will melt your heart and soul into a puddle of awe.

Thingsdrawnonorphanblack: one of the funniest blogs you’ll ever see. I’m sure that as we delve deeper into hiatus we are only going to get better and better things out of this gal. 

Orphan-plaque: similarly, the funniest OB edits this side of season 2. Prepare for some quality laughs.

Poorlydrawnorphanblack: also insanely funny stuff. Somehow manages to make even stick figure tatianas different. 

Cons1racy: quality blog, quality blogger. The queen of spoilers and whatnot when the time comes (I really don’t know how she gets some of the stuff she does…magic I guess) Definitely a go-to source of anything OB.

Glassesanddreads: Steve is just such a friendly and welcoming dude and an all around great person. So essential to follow.

Sanetwin: Likewise, Sam is just all around great and of the utmost following importance.

Sharkodactyl: queen of the minifics. Seriously, think of any type of OB minific, and Natalie’s probably written it. Also devote worshipper of Helena in the best possible way. 

Ah, this is getting really long. Some more folks off the top of my head include: cophinescockerspaniels, a-nice-little-cigarette, soccercopping (though he’s on hiatus right now, but will be back!), puppymalia, jennfitzsimmons, accio-cosima, tinyhendrixhellacophine, lickathicket…..

Oh gosh I’m probably forgetting people. Check out my two follow forevers I’ve done here and here for even more great people to follow.

And again, welcome to the cloneclub! :)

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OB Season 2.5 RECAP, EP2: These Cookies Are Genius 


Last week’s episode, The Start of Something New, certainly was something different. Rachel getting it on like Black Beard, Cophine getting off like a prostitute named Black Beard, Helena starting fires, and Beth bursting back into existence like the phoenix we all knew her to be. This weeks episode picks up pretty much right where we left off, or rather precisely 486 seconds later…


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